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Brand Material

Although we are firm believers in and followers of the open source approach, it is crucial for the security of our users that we maintain the Project Magnolia name and reputation so that they can tell the difference between genuine products and those that are not endorsed by us.

Please refrain from the following when using our Brand Assets:

Do not use our Brand Assets to create digital or physical products for sale, including but not limited to Merchandise, NFTs, or other products.

Do not modify or alter our Brand Assets in any way. Utilize the logos and other assets provided in their exact form. These assets may not be recolored, disassembled, shortened, or otherwise modified.

Avoid creating names that imply official endorsement.
For instance, avoid creating a social media group with the name "Project Magnolia Germany" as it sounds official. "German PancakeSwap Fans" may be permitted.

You can use Project Magnolia Logos and Brand Assets when you are:

In reference to the goods and services we offer.

Including a link to our primary website or one of our products, such as "Trade our token on Magnolia Finances," among other examples.

An announcement of an official partnership, but only if you have received official approval from a member of the Project Magnolia team who is qualified to do so.

Project Magnolia Logo Downloads

After reading the above, get the Project Magnolia and $MAT logos from the link below.

By downloading this material, you agree to only use it in accordance with the terms outlined on this page.

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