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Magnolia Token

The Foundation of Project Magnolia: Magnolia Token

Magnolia Token's token structure rewards token holders and investors while allowing the project to grow without the need for substantial investors or liquidity issues. Magnolia Token was developed following a thorough review of the market's potential and future objectives, ranging from decentralized exchange listings to the creation of new technologies. 

Magnolia Token has a total supply of 20 billion tokens and focuses on charity donation, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Essential Token Information

Hydroponic Magnolia: The impossibility of altering information recorded on the blockchain contributes to the integrity, transparency, and dependability of the blockchain's stored data. Hydroponic Magnolia, its retail partners, and consumers will all be able to submit data to the blockchain, which can be used to track the flow of food.

Magnolia Finances: Magnolia Finances allows investors to lend directly to borrowers through decentralized, peer-to-peer lending pools enabled by the usage of digital currency. This enables everyone, regardless of location, to access cash, while also providing new opportunities for investors to earn a return on their investment.

Magnolia Wallet: Web3.0 wallets are a great entry point for a variety of blockchain-based applications, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi), gaming, and non-fungible currencies (NFTs). Magnolia Wallet is a doorway to engage with Web 3.0 decentralized applications in addition to World of Magnolia, Magnolia Finances, and Hydroponic Magnolia.

Token Release Schedule & Vesting Schedule

All of the liquidity generated by the launchpad Sale and Pre-sale (20 percent in total) will be frozen for a certain length of time unless otherwise specified. The release of 40 percent of the entire circulating supply will take place in stages. Vesting is the phrase used to describe the process of releasing tokens from a holding account. We made the decision to issue the tokens in stages to demonstrate our team's commitment to the endeavor. All tokens are safeguarded by a smart contract and will be distributed within three years after their creation.

Magnolia Tokens will be made available over the course of three years. To combat supply variations, which might have an impact on the token ecosystem and price, it is critical that this vesting schedule be followed.


Both the incentives that define how the token will be distributed and the utility of the tokens, which impacts their demand, are determined by tokenomics in a crypto economy. Tokenomics is divided into two categories: The link between supply and demand has a big impact on price, and projects that get the appropriate incentives may experience a large rise in their worth over time.

Reward Redistribution - 3% 

Token holders will receive incentives (BNB) merely for holding the token. Token holders are not compelled to stake their tokens, eliminating the possibility that their funds would be used fraudulently. Each transaction (buy, sale, or transfer) incurs a 3 percent fee, which is entirely devoted to the redistribution of rewards to all holders. The rewards (BNB) will be paid to all participants once the pending pool has gathered enough monies to cover the gas expenses.

Sell-Order Tax - 1% 

All sell orders will be charged an extra 1% fee, which will allow us to reduce swing trading and break the whales’ control over the market. 

Liquidity - 1.5% 

1.5% of every transaction will be converted automatically into liquidity for PancakeSwap. This is implemented to stabilize the price and create a price floor.

Charity - 1.5% 

Every transaction contributes 1.5 percent to the charity fund. This is the basis of the Magnolia Token and enables it to assist any charity or organization in the globe. Donations for nature conservation, forestation projects, and wildlife preservation will be deducted monthly. Token holders can vote on a monthly basis to determine which charity will receive money. 

Development - 2% 

2% of every transaction is used for further development team expenses and goes to the treasury wallet. This allows us to fund our most ambitious projects in the service of further rewarding our community and planting more trees in tropical forests.

Burn - 1% 

1% of every sell transaction will go directly to the burn address. This will result in a healthy trading ecosystem for the community.

Token Distribution

55% Circulating Supply

5% Pre-Sale

16% Team

7% Staking Reward

6% Treasury

6% Bounty Program

5% Airdrop

To ensure future liquidity for the token, a part of the supply must be held aside for this purpose. We expect to use all of the proceeds from the pre-sale to fund liquidity immediately after the TGE. Every purchase, sale, or transfer will result in a contribution to the project's liquidity of 1.5% of the charge.

With the goal of growing the number of users and extending the market via marketing activities, Project Magnolia hopes to increase its worth over time. Market research, promotion, and the placement of the tokens on top-tier exchanges are all plans for Project Magnolia to make use of these tokens. It also covers any development allocations that will serve as incentives for members of the community and other third parties to assist to the project's advancement.

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