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Ambience TV Partnership

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Partnerships are essential to the success of any business, and the cryptocurrency industry is no different. In the course of doing our jobs, making plans for the future, and learning about new products, changes, and trends, they help to establish crucial connections and resources. The more we prepare for the future by forming relationships with potential business partners, the better off we will be when a product or service is updated or a new one is required.

That is why we are more than excited to announce our first business alliance.

Most of you already know that protecting the environment is an important part of who we are; it's something we do through both technological innovation and a more conscientious approach to coexisting with nature. Likewise, most of you already know or feel that being in nature, seeing it, and having it in our daily lives makes said lives easier.

Ambience TV was created with the intention of promoting positive mental and emotional health, and we see a natural fit between our services and their goals. The TV project is based on medical research from leading universities across the globe and has produced nature video content which can and does help with stress, light forms of anxiety, and similar light forms of mental issues. Even when it is on the screen!

Visit Ambience TV on Twitch to get some much-needed relaxation while soaking in some magnificent videos of the great outdoors.

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