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How to download Metamask & Set-Up (Android & iOS)

MetaMask is available for download for desktop browsers Chrome and Firefox, as well as mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

1. Look for Metamask & Download the App on the AppStore or on Google Play

2. Login or setup your account as per the application's process

* Write down the backup seed phrase and keep it secure (preferably not on an Internet-connected device). Without this seed phrase, there is no way to get your money back if your device is damaged or lost.

3. Open the menu bar

4. Open Settings

5. Select Networks

7. Add Network

Network Name

Smart Chain






Block Explorer URL

7. Fill in as shown below. This is the BINANCE coin: BNB. You need BNB to pay fees for all transactions

8. Select Import Tokens

9. Fill in as shown 0xd9754ec8750F435fB855FC5BaC399a17EEdF4e9E

10. Here you can see a list of all tokens you have in your wallet.

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