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Project Magnolia Share Event

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

One of the main purposes of Project Magnolia is to get people thinking about the importance of living in a more sustainable manner. We wanted as many people as possible to learn about our mission, objectives, and plans, so we decided to organize our first share event.

🌲How to participate🌲

👉 Step 1. Go to the Project Magnolia website and click on the event announcement.

👉 Step 2. Download one of the event posters in your language and post it with the required hashtags on your social media profile. (Can be uploaded to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook)

👉 Step 3. Follow the official Project Magnolia Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page.

👉 Step 4. Take a screenshot as proof that you subscribed to our official social media channel and have shared the event poster. After that, upload the proof to the Google Form here.

⭐ Prize ⭐

$10 worth in BNB (10 winners)


#ProjectMagnolia #ProjectMagnoliaEvent #ProjectMagnoliaPrivateSale #Event #PrivateSale #GreenArmy #HydroponicMagnolia #MAT

⏰ Period ⏰

October 1st - October 31st

📣Winner announcement📣

The winners will be notified through email and/or direct messages after the end of the event.







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