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Tree-Nation Partnership

Carbon offsets involve paying for a process that can be verified to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Although carbon offsets are frequently discussed, few people truly understand what they entail.

Tree-Nations and Project Magnolia collaborate to ensure that Project Magnolia maintains its status as a carbon-neutral organization. Every donation is immediately distributed to organizations and causes that are working to preserve the natural habitats of our planet.

We are serious about our mission. We want to create a cryptocurrency environment with zero carbon emissions by 2030. We understand that this will not happen overnight, so we try to offset our unavoidable carbon output.

We compensate for our emissions by funding projects that promote sustainable development in communities around the world. These projects provide an equivalent reduction in emissions to those we generate, either by counteracting or absorbing carbon dioxide and restoring environmental balance.

This is important for several reasons. One of the reasons is to create a positive contribution to the environment when our emissions can't be avoided.

Another reason behind this is to increase funding for important causes. That funding can not only change our environment but also change lives, bringing economic, social, and health improvements to whole communities.

The Eden Project was our first choice for assisting in the planting of Black mangroves in Madagascar. Black mangroves play a crucial role in Madagascar's economy and provide a number of ecological benefits.

Before this project began, the mangrove forests in this region had already suffered extensive damage due to deforestation and forest degradation caused by charcoal production and wood collection for cooking, construction, and other purposes.

We are going to keep putting in a lot of effort in order to back even more projects that are in line with our vision of a greener world.

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